Zig zag for structure or infill in grasshopper

Hello everybody,

I want to create a zig zag using the points in this point in this rectangle… Which I will extrude then as a surface.

Basically what I would like to do is to generate a zig zag structure for different geometries. It is for printing in clay so the zig zag will be structural, so we can say that it is a sort of an infill.

Question is that I don’t know if that is even possible this way. Im trying 2 different thigs:

  1. Dividng a rectangle


  2. Dividing 2 lines


ThStructure_Infill.gh (9.9 KB) aks in advance

Structure_Infill_2021Feb19a.gh (10.4 KB)

Forget about the rectangle, treat it as two lines.

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Hey Joseph,

Thanks for this! it seems like a good solution for now. But Im going to have to make it for diferent geometries that are usually closed and I will also have to round the spikes. But this is great starting point.

I will play a bit more around it :slight_smile:

Im thinking in something like this (ish) :slight_smile:

If you divide a rectangle there is nothing to prevent points from appearing on the short edges. This uses the two longest edges of a rectangle (purple group).

Structure_Infill_2021Feb19b.gh (24.7 KB)

The cluster InFill:

This is brilliant! I modified to be a extrussion

What about rounding the spikes of the zig zag? is that possible?

Well, yes and no… Applying Fillet shortens the peaks. Not sure how to fix that?


It is not bad to shorten the peaks. I will test diferent nozzles with diferent shapes. So i need the structure to barelly touch the rectangle. Otherwise it will push material out and deform the object.

This is great Joseph! I am trying to actrually make some other shapes using lofts.