Zero Length line


I have a very important GH project i have bene working on for a long time.

If i open it in RH6 GH everything works fine, if i open it in RH7 WIP it stops working

the reason is the different behavior of the 2 points Line (Ln) component in RH7.
Lines obtained by 2 coincident points in RH6/GH are considered as zero lenght line ( that can still be used as a vector ) , same input inside same component in to RH7 WIP will generate a “invalid line” (no suitable for transfromations )


since i have been extensively using lines as vectors for object translation I would need to bring behavior back to where it was to use my scripts

I am sure there is areason for this choice but i would like to ask if iits possible to consider this request ?


It seems you can still use invalid lines as vectors:

HI Mahdiyar and thanks

you are right , the problem is that when i apply any kind of transformation/operation to a zero lenght line ( RH6 /GH case ) I have same result in output list

when i run same script inside Rh7 WIP i get a “null” value

as obvious this “null” is a missing value in to the output list and it messed everything downstream :frowning:

I don’t know the reason for this change but its a change that blows up years of scripts . the only solution i have in mind for the time being is to replace the null with a zero lenght vector anytime this condition happens but it is going to be a endless fixing due to the number of scripts and clusters affected by the problem

Have you tried using Rotate (VRot) component instead?

Or simply converting your Lines to Vectors before transformation?

This does sound like quite a serious behavioural break. Zero length lines are straddling the border between valid and invalid geometry, and maybe they shouldn’t be marked as such.

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hi David and thanks for your comment.

yes this is a tricky situation and I am sure that there is a reason for you guys to have changed the output.
That said i wonder what are pro and cons of such a change are…it may seem a small change at first sight but it seems to be a big problem.

I have stable scripts that i have been using for years without any problem that cannot longer be used in RH7 and i don’t think to be the only one user to with this problem.

I don’t know if there is some quick fix to this and if there is please let me know; if not I would like you to consider the chance of bringing it back to where it was, if possible.

thanks , Ivan

HI Mahdiyar ,

no i havent and i can give it a try…problem is the number of scripts, clusters etc affected by this problem.
replacing all comps is taking forever :frowning: