GH5 GH6 script incompatibility

The same script with RH5 GH(0.9.0076) and RH6 GH (1.0.0005) gives different results as the picture shows, I gess because of the different empty panel output.

Caus this problem for anyone else?

So the problem is that a panel used to have a zero-length string in it when saved on Rhino5 but is treated as completely empty when opened in Rhino6?

Can you upload the simplest file that replicates this problem saved with R5?

Here is the siplified GH part, with the expected result in GH5 but with bad result in GH6.
The other difference is that the while in RH5 the 3d tag is visible, in RH6 is not visitbe on the surface. (176.0 KB)

Further problem the different behaviour of Cluster input in RH5 and RH6.

RH5 the Data is imported as a string (as it was planned to work), in RH6 it is evaluated :

Thanks, I’ll put this on the list to look at as soon as I’m back from a trip to London.