YouTrack state

Today, I cannot view any issues on McNeel’s YouTrack as a guest, receiving a “Nope, can’t find it!” page instead.


Any ideas here?

Hey @spb - what issue are you trying to view?

– Dale

I used to be able to view this issue:

I can’t find any that are still viewable.

Hi @spb,

I can verify this, although we don’t have any understanding of why this is now happening. If you make an account, can you view the issue?

– Dale

This should be fixed now!

Yes, I can view them. Thanks.

I tried making an account when I couldn’t view as a guest but received “License limit exceeded. The request cannot be completed.” Out of curiosity, I just tried again and got the same error.

Hi Steve -

That’s a more permanent issue than the brief Nope, can’t find it! outage.
I’ve put it on the list as INF-283.