Yak package name

By using yak spec a manifest.yml file is created which has a name property.
This property is read from the AssemblyName attribute. However, any spaces are replaced with ‘-’.
If I remove the ‘-’ from the name property and build, everything works fine and the name is shown correctly in the Package manager.

Is there any way around this so that I don’t have to manually remove the ‘-’ character?

The public package server doesn’t allow spaces in package names, which is why the spec command replaces them with “-” when generating manifest.yml.

The spec command is only there to help flesh out the manifest.yml file to begin with by pulling information from the .gha/.rhp file. Once you’ve generated the manifest.yml file and manually edited it, you can use it to build future versions of the package. Generally it’s only the version that needs to be updated between releases. If you change the version field to version: $version, the build command will pull the version from the plug-in automatically.

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