Yak package access denied


I am running a Grasshopper plugin that calls .executable file.
On my Mac computer everything works fine. But on another pc I have “Access denied”.
I tried to search for issues, give system permission but still the same issue.

I remember that Yak Package manager could get around this security issue.
I published a package called “BFS” and installed it through the package manager, still the access violation error.

Can someone give a hint what could cause this error?

The plugin name is “BFS” on MAC found on package manager.

On macOS, if it’s an executable that might damage the system, it might not suffice to simply bless Rhino with file access to a given directory, but you might have to sign the executable with a valid developer certificate to prevent it from being quarantined.

Users with root access (administrative rights) can also try to remove the binary from quarantine with administrative rights. In a terminal run:

sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine /Users/Spare/Library/.../app

Or force a resigning with their own, individual certificate.

sudo codesign --force --sign --deep /Users/Spare/Library/.../app

I don’t know, whether this still works, but you can also create your own certificate to distribute your apps in XCode:

BFS as in breadth first search? :slight_smile:

Yes that BFS. :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the answer, the only thing that worked was that:
STEP1: Clone repo/
STEP2: copy paste the contents of the build folder into the grasshopper libraries folder (in this case the mac version)
STEP3: open terminal and go to “boundary_first_flatenning” directory: type “cd” and drag and drop folder “boundary_first_flatenning”.
STEP4: run this command in the terminal: “chmod -R 777 MacOS”

That’s fortunate! Having your executable quarantined would have been more cumbersome to deal with.

That build wasn’t quarantined because it was created locally, assuming that between STEP1 and STEP2 there was a STEP1.5 build the project.

To be able to share binaries between machines you’ll indeed have to look into digitally signing your resulting binary files. I’m pretty sure that the binaries shared otherwise are quarantined.

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How you digitally sign binaries?

Entry point: Code Signing - Support - Apple Developer

Check my link above to see how you can generate your own certificate.

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Thank you :slight_smile: