Wrong result on CSV import

Hello everyone
I have a survey DWG file with dynamic blocks defining the altimetry of the point.
With autocad’s DATAEXTRACTION command, i have managed to creat an xls file. I have edited this file in excel to remove all unecessary info, have made sure the number are defined as numbers and not text, and saved it as a csv file with just 3 columns containing x, y and z coordinates.
In top view, it should look like this:

But in rhino I have this:

A completely unrelated paralellepiped.
Has someone come accross this before? What did I do wrong?
Here attached two of my attempts at the csv.
Regards and thanks for your help
08.csv (64.6 KB)
10.csv (70.1 KB)

Well quick look I see at least 3 problems:

  1. the disproportion of the scale, x-coordinates and y-coordinates are in millions u (1 350 498 u and 6 233 299 u compared to 37,7 u, so the difference is almost 10^6 units)
  2. separator should be dot instead of comma
  3. missing some z-coordinates

Hi Nosorozec
Thanks for the quick reply.
I had another file where i removed the points with no Z coordinates but it came up with the same result.
Why would the disproportion between the x/y coordinates and the z coordinates would be a problem?
I will try with dots as separators.
I’ll let you know if it works.
Thanks for the help

Hi Nosorec
Just to try at least to reproduce the 2d view from autocad, i have set the z values to 0.
I have reduced the values in x and y, and used dots instead of commas.
Still get something unrelated to my objectives:

Do you or anyone have other suggestions to solve this problem?
Thanks for your time y’all

Here is the file from previous snapshot.
essai 2d reduction valeurs-dotsforcommas.csv (91.3 KB)

After replacing the comma by dot and semicolon by comma because the coordinates are alway entered as X.xx,Y.yy,(optionally Z.zz), I see this, I used the file 10.csv

10_edited.csv (56.6 KB)

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Great Nozorozec
It looks exactly like what im looking for
Could you send me the file please?
I will have a look at it to understand what i did wrong.

import_csv.gh (17.2 KB)

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Sorry I diddn’t see the file.
Thanks a lot for your help

Can I use your script for all csv files? It works like a charm.
I was looking for this solution past month when I was dealing with points in csv file.

You can use the script but you might need to change some parameters. Text length might not always be the same.

Another option is using csvulture which is grasshopper plugin.
I found this plugin in the package manager today.
import_csv_csvulture.gh (13.9 KB)