Wrinkles in Rhino

I’m not a Rhino-master, therefore I’m asking: how would you draw this shape?
(give me a hint please :innocent: )

This is a thing for ZBRUSH , if you want to try with rhino pull-push control points but you wil end with a surface self intersecting, sure

Or Blender (:


There is also Free Sluptris (Zbrush with fewer tools). There is also cheaper ZbrushCore.

But I would do this in another way. I would find a real bag like this (mat one, not shiny). I would do photos around it. I would use photogrammetry software: free Meshroom or paid one (Agisoft Metashape or Reality Capture - there is an option for paying only for few scans). I would do retopo after that in polygons. Change those polygons to subd and then to NURBS if needed.

I`ve done piece jewelry in that way (without retopo only Photogrammetry + Zbrush): https://www.behance.net/gallery/96390039/3d-scanned-statue-turned-into-jewelry-piece

I think something like this mightn’t be so hard to do purely in Rhino with SubD-
Make a cylinder, taper some parts to get the overall shape, then pick some patches of control points and scale them inwards to make the buckling pattern, then twist.