Wrapping a ribbon on a surface

Basically I want to generate winding patterns for filament winidng somthing like this Filament Winder

The video shows filament being wound onto a cylindrical mandrel.
I would like to do so on a conical mandrel.

However I would first like to generate the winding pattern in grasshopper and then export the data for manufacturing to a CNC.

I guess wrapping a ribbon is possible in grasshopper but I don’t know where to start.

Also I hear a lot about geodesic winding related to filament winding.
Can a geodesic path be wound on to a 3d mandrel.
Can someone provide hints in doing so That would possibly get me on my way.

Thanks in Advance.

I think the conical mandrel will be the issue. :guardsman:

What issues do you foresee for the conical mandrel. I have some equations that I found in text books however I don’t know how to apply it.
For geodesic winding. The path follows the Clairaut angle
r.Sin a = constant
where r = local radius, a = local angle
at the bosses a = arcsin(rb/r) where
rb = angle at the boss (polar opening)
I gues these equations are for cylindrical mandrel with dome shaped end caps.

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