Create geodesic lines around lofted surface


I am currently working on a model that is going to be manufactured by robots in a Coreless filament winding process. where the winding will be done with fibers. The model is based on a formwork which is created by shifting the upper points to create a anticlastic form of straigt lines (see picture 1). This formwork is then lofted, where I want to create geodesic (winding) lines on. But my problem is that my geodesic lines have different tangents (kink) between those lofts, because the loft will become smaller the further you go to the middle of the structure. Since I am going to wind this structure without any formwork these tangents between the lofts have to be the same, so no kink. How can I solve this problem in grashopper (python opted).

Geometrical part (83.3 KB)

Hi Rick,

It’s a juicy morsel - I ran out of lunchtime so will just post some thoughts I had - I don’t think it’s a finished solution but hopefully it will get your gears turning on some ways to approach this and how to use lists and trees to make your script easier to maintain.

Geometrical part (93.9 KB)