Wrap rubber band around object; how to shrink mesh along U/V independently

I would like to wrap a mesh around several objects. I never used Kangaroo before,
but after a bit of playing around with it, I now have a somewhat working, basic setup:

Now, is there an easy way to make the mesh shrink in only U direction, effectively reducing the diameter only? The width (V dir.) shall be more or less the same.

As I have no idea about what the solver does internally, I simply don’t know how to proceed here.
Would it be necessary to reconstruct the lines in U and V direction independently, then apply
two “Line Length Goals”, feed this into the solver and create a mesh from it?

Or is there any easier way, that would also work with irregular meshes?

Any help welcome …

Hi @Axt,

If you want to control the tension of a mesh differently in u and v, your can use the ‘WarpWeft’ component on the mesh. This splits it into edges in 2 directions, which you can then apply Length goals to, like you say. You could then leave the rest length input empty for the ones in the v direction, which means they will stay the same length, but make the rest length zero for the ones in u. If you keep the ‘show’ component connected to the mesh you will still get the mesh as output.

Fantastic and much easier than I expected!

Thank you very much, Daniel!
(Great work btw … :-))