WOVEN WOOD Workshop + Exhibition | Milan Design Week 2016 - April 4-10, Milan (Italy)

Computationally Informed Structures
4-10 April 2016
SBODIO32 - Fuori Salone, Milan (Italy)

Djordje Stanojevic | Msc ITECH, Digital Fabrication and Computational Design Expert at IaaC + FabLab Barcelona
Georgi Kazlachev | Msc Arch. ITECH

Barbara Piga | Prof. Architectural and Urban Simulation, Politecnico Di Milano
Eugenio Morello | Research Scientist at the Architectural and Urban Simulation - FaustoCurti , DAStU - Politecnico di Milano

Davide Gamberini | Ezgaat Architects

Noumena and Ezgaat Architects have organized WOVEN WOOD, a workshop to explore the performance of a timber woven lightweight structure through digital fabrication.

A thorough understanding of the limits and advantages of the elastic bending behavior of the material, inform the design process through form ­finding methods and the fabrication techniques. Explore multi-axial patterns and optimize the stress of the curvature through structural simulation and compute r­aided manufacturing. The goal is to realize and exhibit a prototype installation in scale 1:1 to activate SBODIO32 Warehouse.


Day 1 / Monday
Introduction on woven structures
Introduction to computational tools (Grasshopper3D,Kangaroo)
Exercises on weaving with paper models

Day 2 / Tuesday
Introduction to material behavior
Exploring geometries and connections
Testing physically the material
Introduction to structural analysis (Karamba)
Defining criteria for the final design

Day 3 / Wednesday
Application of structural analysis
Testing system performance through prototyping

Day 4 / Thursday
Finalize the global design
Prototyping to tune the production
Process optimization

Day 5 / Friday

Day 6 / Saturday
Fabrication and Assembly

Day 7 / Sunday

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