Digital Design and Production in Architecture Workshop at INDEXLAB (Politecnico di Milano) - July 1-15 [**INDEXLAB-WSpromo**]( from [**INDEXLAB**]( on [**Vimeo**](

Digital Design and Production in Architecture
INDEXLAB – Creativity & Technology
Politecnico di Milano, Polo di Lecco
Via Gaetano Previati 1/c
23900 Lecco, Italy

INDEXLAB, an experimental laboratory and cross- disciplinary research environment at the Politecnico di Milano, has organized Digital Design and Production in Architecture, a workshop offering a new vision of architecture and its manufacturing methodologies. It also aims to bring together visionary companies, advanced designers and innovation-oriented students to envision new synergies between academic research, architectural practice and industrial production.

The two-week long program is formulated in two complementary modules:

During the first module – Algorithmic Design for Architecture (July 1-6, 2016) – participants will be introduced to the tools and methods of computational design through Grasshopper. The aim is exploration of algorithmic modeling of non-standard forms, as well as understanding the implications of fabrication methodologies in the realization of such geometries.

The second module – Digital Construction Design and Robotic Fabrication (July 7-15, 2016) – will focus on robotic fabrication methodology, with the final aim of designing and fabricating a full-scale installation integrating innovative materials and efficient “design to production” parametric routines.

Together, the two modules provide relevant skills to design complex geometries and define innovative digital production methods for architecture and the construction industry. Each module is an independent self-contained package. The participants can attend just one of the modules. However, to achieve a complete vision over the new methods for design and production of architecture, the workshop faculty recommends attending both modules.


Scientific committee:
Emilio Pizzi, Manuela Grecchi, Giulio Barazzetta, Tiziana Poli, Gabriele Masera, Francesco Braghin (Director)

Digital Tutors:
Lila PanahiKazemi (Indexlab/TUDarmstadt/KSPArchitekten)
Thibault Schwartz (HALRoboticsLtd/ENSAPMGSAlaboratory)
Andrea Rossi (Indexlab/ETHZürich/TUDarmstadt)
Pierpaolo Ruttico (Indexlab, Founder-Director)

Scientific director: Francesco Braghin

Workshop director: Pierpaolo Ruttico

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