Worksessions & relative paths

Is there a way to tell Rhino 6 to save relative paths instead of absolute paths in worksession .rws files? When we complete a design job the entire job folder gets moved to our archive server, and all the absolute paths change. It rws files could be set up to use relative paths, the rsw files would still work after the folder is moved elsewhere.


Hello - yep, this is an age-old request…

still on the books.


Everything I read about this was years old. Are you saying it still hasn’t been addressed?

Hello - well, yes, I’m afraid that is correct - along with a few thousand other requests I might add though…


“Investing” in the use of Worksessions looked so promising, and it really did add so much value, but then this: No relative paths!

How disappointing. Especially when the number of model files is big, the whole ws project is more or less stuck where it was originally made.

BTW, why not make the .rws fileformat xml or json? Then a simple search&replace would have solved the folder location problem “manually”.

In any case, Worksession of course should have been designed with relative filepaths from the very beginning, of course. Should be simple to fix.

// Rolf

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Have you tried this? If so, I need to figure out how to repeat the bug.

I just dug through the code and it looks like both absolute and relative paths are written. I created a worksession in one directory and attached a few 3dm files. I then moved all of these files to a different directory on my computer and opened the rws file. Everything worked for me.

Hm. I also tested relative paths by moving things around on my disk, and it seems that relative paths works just fine. Good news!

Using 6.18.19239.10091, 08/27/2019.

I cannot recall how and what I did earlier when I experienced that this didn’t work. Or has this been fixed recently?

Remains the painful fact that Rhino doesn’t remember the name of the current worksession after switching active model which is really taxing on the nerves, and error prone. Please fix it.

// Rolf

Well… not quiet. At least not for “more complex” files. I’ve got a file with 3 external referenced blocks saved on our companies nextcloud share, which works (more or less) fine (even across Mac and Windows clients). Another one, including “stacked” blocks (referencing a 3DM-file, which already references files) however does not work at all… Does anyone have any suggestion what to do?

BTW.: I usually do not use .rws files but rather .3dm files to having more freedom, especially about placement.
I’m using the latest versions (11-03-19) on either OS.

Best, Fabian

PS: Though the screenshot is German I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

@f.platte Are you confusing Blocks and Worksession?

@davidcockey true. However the features I need are referencing other 3DM-files as well as adding and/or manipulation some objects. This functionality is provided by within the 3DM format. I just referenced RWS files, as the original post did only refer to those.

@davidcockey I do not think so, though I might be using Rhino somehow not as intended, as I just recently started using it more intensely and for larger projects.

.Worksession and Blocks are fundamentally different. Worksession allows multiple files to be open simultaneously, with one file active and the others available for reference. The .rws file contains the names and addresses of the data files used in a worksession (.3dm and other formats), and which data file was active and which of the other files are visible. It does not contain any geometry information.

@f.platte This thread is about the file addresses in .rws files, not about file addresses of blocks. Blocks are a separate system.

Okay. As I came across this thread having trouble with relative paths I thought it might be related. could you direct me to a more appropriate thread?

Search for block relative path using the forum search.