Worksession doesn't work

Hi all,
If I attach a file to the current one nothing shows up in any viewport.
The objects are there… somehow… _SelectAll selects them, but nothing is visible.
This is a serious problem for me. Anyone else seeing this?

thanks, Tobias

Never mind. Found the problem

It would be useful for other users if you would post whatever your fix was.

Hi John, it’s too embarrassing… I posted way to quick. Sometimes it’s better to think first

I disagree.
The whole point of a public discussion forum is to group share problems and their solutions.
Many times, once a solution is found, it might seem embarrassing in hindsight. A good example is confusing Join with Group, or not understanding that Meshes are fundamentally different than NURBS surfaces.

Your situation and solution might very well help out a noob with the same confusion.

Yep - one thing I love about Discourse is the ability to edit my too-quick posts!


Of course I get your point, but some things shouldn’t happen to me…

My active file had meters as units and the one I wanted to attach was in millimeters. So instead of _SelAll a _Zoom _Extend would have instantly revealed the problem

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