Working with xml GPX data in Grasshopper: Z axis not responding


I have a GPX file with X, Y and Z data. I use a sonic text search to extract a list of lon(gitude) and lat(itude) points. The XML reader doesn’t seem to read inside element attributes.

I used the XML reader directly to extract the ele(vation) points.

The X Y Z data points to a construct point battery. X Y Z all have 1009 indexes. Why is the Z axis not responding?

231026 Tiergarten VDIST and SOUND (62.5 KB)

That’s not really an invitation…

Can you share the *.gpx file?

Hi Martin,

thanks for your response. It says I’m not authorised to upload a GPX.

I found a solution - the Z being cancelled out by the mosquito plugin.


FYI: You can always create a zipped folder of a file…

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