XML to grasshopper using Lunchbox doesn't work


I’m trying to import an XML to grasshopper, but it doesn’t seem to work:

I have tried Tag-Inputs such as <tag> or just tag. Reloaded the .xml several times, without success.

I also wonder if I can select elements children. Like I can in CSS:

div > article > header[main]

Where I can search for a header-tag with the attribute [main] within the article-element within the div-element.

I got it now, so if you want to work from an XML, this is the way to do it:

Sadly, there is no way to easily select children of certain parents or select elements having a specific attribute and/or value with it. I might try to write something in python, if I need something more sophisticated for an XML-reader.


I’m curious if there has been any updates to matter. I need to read an XML file in Grasshopper and select specific child attributes. I’d appreciate pointers.