Working freelance, any tips for places to find/get clients?

Hi Everyone.

Been using Rhino & Grasshopper for over 10 years now, for Design & Computation in Architecture, though would like to broaden my knowledge & skills into other fields, so have recently decided to ‘Jump Over Board’ and work freelance.

Been looking on the freelancer job sites and not seen many Rhino/GH jobs listed so wondered if it was more about networking to get clients or are there specific websites that are best to join/track for jobs. I know Rhino has its own, but wonder about other 3D design specific websites.

If it helps can post my portfolio up now if people are interested as all projects in there are either on-site near completion or is my own university work.


I’m a freelancer and used People Per Hour at the beginning. It enabled me to get a few repeat clients. But you have to be very competitive on price, I bidded for jobs just for the experience and to build up a portfolio even though I hardly made any money.

I have the website on the list, good shout on starting with a very competitive price i had not considered that. Then build a reputation/rating people want to pay for.


Just tried signing up to UpWork now. Wow you have got to jump though a lot of hoops to sign-up and even more if your not American citizen. Seems like a great site, but not very user friendly if specialized and want to work remotely.

Have found, People Per Hour, Guru and Freelancer alot easier to sign up for. Be interesting to see how it goes when it comes to invoicing etc.

I sent you a note Matt. Always happy to have a strong network of Grasshopper/Computation designers/experts. We get some Grasshopper projects sometimes that could really use the help of very experience GH hands. We are still learning.



That’s unfortunate. I worked with both elance and oDesk which became Upwork. I found them very easy to use, and there was always a lot of competition from non US workers.

'm new to this site and looking to hire a Grasshopper expert for a project we are working on. Please email, call or text me: 502-681-3340 Working freelance, any tips for places to find/get clients?

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