Where to post gig work?

I need to find someone… or ideally a group of people that can help me with Rhino work that I post to my cloud account. Each file can be dealt with in an hour or less and I’ll pay a flat fee. I’d train candidates on what I need done. Nothing super advanced. Would be great fill work. Can work on your own time.

Once trained you would have access to grab jobs as I post them on my system, and I just need them them to be completed in 24 hours or the job gets posted again for someone else to snag.

I’m just not sure where to post this kind of opportunity. Thanks.

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Hey chris!
This is the right place to post!
I’m interested, I sent you a message.

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

Hi Chris, I am interested in this offer, could I get some more info please.

Thanks and regards

We are looking for a freelance Rhino expert to create visualizations of public art concepts on a project to project basis; would you be available now? What is best email and phone to reach you?

Best, Ene