Workflow Machnical items


I was trying to set up am Workflow for a mechnical item and it doesent work as well as i thougt. The idea is, that i want to create a Joint with an extendig part in it. On the top, the joint should follow a point that ist following a path. So far, no Problem. But in the end there should be an other joint. And there the Trouble starts! the last Joint wont follow the IK-Chain. I added a point to the end, but even this point will not follow the Chain. Mybe you can Help me. I attach the Rhino file. I hope it is understandable what i mean. The item have 3 parts. If i delet the secound part out of the chain it works. But this is not what i want. I think you need to see the Item. It took my hole day until now to make it work.

Thanks so far.

Joint.3dm (329.2 KB)

The point at the end is not following the chain because it’s the parent of the chain, meaning it is not controlled by the moving parts because they are it’s children.
For your IK chain I’d recommend having the Object 204 as the parent of the whole chain.
Please see: Joint 001.3dm (505.0 KB)
I didn’t know what the plan was for the last joint, so I just made it “stay straight”.

Oh great. Thanks alot! This is exactly what it used to be.

But i tryed the same chain befor, and it didnt work. Maybe i did something wrong. By the way, the “stay Straight” option is realised by looking at the point. Is there another way to do it? Just in chase :wink:

but thanks!

Another option could be to make a point at the end of the last part.
Make the point into a constrain and constrain the point to a line that goes straight. Then the point’s only allowed to move along the line.