Workflow for working for mesh

Guys, my workflow sucks.
I need help.
Someone asked me to modify a Google sketchup file of a bridge into a printable charm.
How would you go about doing this effectively? I wasted hours and I know it.
And still don’t like what I have!

it’s like, I know all the tools but I don’t use them in an effective order.
I meshed to nurbs
I duped edges
then futzing around for hours I realized I should have just interpolated crvs over what I did
when to use unroll, when to use smash

it doesn’t have to be as exact as the stl but everything needs a min printing dimension of .8 and honestly it looks all clunky and whatnot with what I did do…
I dunno, I need advice on an effective workflow where I’m not second guessing myself all the time.
and possibly advice on how you’d do the bridge


Start here
How to ask effective questions - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

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if you post an image and or a file one could probably help you out a bit more. its difficult to say where you really are stuck in your process. it rather sounds like an entry into your private diary than a succinct description for others trying to figure out your issue :smiley:

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It’s ok, someone knew exactly what I meant on another board and I got a great answer.

from Chris Botha - meshmixer>>MAKE SOLID, slide the sliders till you get a suitable result, and use the OFFSET to thicken it up. Then, into rhino and use meshoffset to tweak it further. if thin parts need beefing up, remmeber that you can mix mesh and nurbs, finish the nurbs, mesh them and meshbooleanunion. (i do this for all the little bitty crap my kids ask me to print…

best to ask the pros!

that unfortunately does not make your description better for those who are not that genius.