Won't machine a simple slot [RhinoCam]

trying to create a simple step slot and it wont machine the back slot

Umm, okay? Is this a modeling question or a milling question? We need some context to be able to help!

not finding where to post a file of the part

its a machining operation

Use the upload button:


or just drag and drop the file into the message window.

With what CAM?

hex tool rake handle.3dm (234.6 KB)

got the image uploaded. it will only machine out the back slot at the edge and not go all the wat through, if I add a slotting operation, it only slots out the middle?

Are you asking a question about creating a model in Rhino, a CAM plug-in in Rhino such as RhinoCAM, or something else?

rhino cam

looks like I could have already just written my own g code at this point

Questions about RhinoCam may receive faster replies if “RhinoCam” appears in the subject line.

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Hello - see also:



Thanks for nothing, won’t waste my time on here anymore

won’t waste my time on here

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I Hi Kunz… I didn’t understand your question; can you expand? Since we are all reading your question. Please be more detail and expand. Consider also that users like me take time to answer. Also if you put your “g code” as an answer can helpful for other users like you that are searching for a solution.


And the people that responded here trying to get a clearly defined question from you that they could actually answer - what about their time?

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Should put a pin in this thread, it’s got to be some sort of record for a vague question–about a 3rd-party add-on! Then followed-up with hostility because it’s not even apparent what the question is about?!? This beats Architecture students with homework due tomorrow.


I was going to help, then I decided not to because of this post. But I’ll be the bigger man and offer some help. Please be more specific as to what you want to achieve. The part you posted is very simple and if you are still interested I will help you with this tomorrow (my day is over here).

Is this what you want to do:



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Thank you. You are the only one that offered up any information. I’m just learning and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong for such a simple operation. I’ve spent over 6 hours trying everything I can think to do and nothing works, but I can produce a machining operation for much more complex parts.

I can simply write a g code for this part but need to learn the machining operations


Hello - with all that in mind, you’ll certainly get some users here who understand how RhinoCAM works and can help, (but not without a clear questions and hopefully a file) However this is, after all, not a RhinoCAM forum - I posted a link above the the forum where you really should start with questions about RhinoCAM.


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I would suggest taking advantage of YouTube to help learn RhinoCAM. There is a video for every toolpath. If you have maintenance download CamJam. You will really understand RhinoCam after that.