WOMP web cad with interesting gooppiness


Interesting gooppiness

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SDF/voxels are super powerful for form exploration. Here’s a good explanation of them in C4D, they had them got a few years now: Volumetric Workflow: What are Signed Distance Fields (SDF) [New in Cinema 4D R20: Volumetric Workflow] - Cineversity Training and Tools for Cinema 4D

Substance Modeler is doing nice things with this too.

It looks like Rhino’s Shrinkwrap is using similar solvers, so maybe we see some live booleans and maybe even some of of these blendy transitions stuff.

Or maybe not… because I can already picture the McNeel PhD folks arguing for months that this stuff is useless because is not G3, and it’s not repeatably accurate to the 0.001mm. And I don’t blame them, because they know that would be exactly the complaint of some customers (mostly architecture studio’s interns) who expect that accuracy to make stuff that is spat out of Revit as 2D drawings to laser cut aluminum sheet panels.

…and that’s why we can’t have nice things.