Wolfram Mathematica to Grasshopper in MAC

Hi guys! Could anyone help me/guide me?

I am looking to recreate certain algorithms made in Mathematica to Grasshopper in order to have more control over modeling. I am running on MAC OS 10.13, so RhinoLink won’t work. Do you guys know of any plugins or add-ons that can help me make a ContourPlot3D, ParametricPlot3D, and algorithms translation into Grasshopper from Mathematica?

I do not know where to start, other than getting parallels and switch my Rhino account into a PC account. That just doesn’t seem smart and too convoluted just to use one easy plugin. I’ve chatted with the guys at Wolfram and they do not have any support to recreate RhinoLink for MAC.

Would Mantis be a good option? I am literally clueless as you can clearly read.

Anyways, I would really appreciate your guidance.

Thank you!


Here is the video. you can see it at min 15:09 where he explains the module and how to use it inside Grasshopper.

RhinoLink for PC: