Wish: WIP should automatically save rh7 as backup

from the latest newsletter:

  • The Rhino 8 file format could change. To be safe, Save As Rhino 7 often.

my Wish:
The WIP version should have an option to always save rh8wip and rh7.
For example those two files should always be saved in parallel, at the same location:
NiceBottel_01.3dm (rh8wip)
NiceBottel_01rh7.3dm (rh7)(and of course the rh7 is a save small version)
:+1: :-1:


Yeah, maybe prompt to save as V7 for the first time you save a file with a checkbox to remember the setting. Leaving it unchecked, you can decide when you also want to save a backup so it doesn’t take up too much disk space.

@Tom_P, can you not make a button for it (or set up an alias)? In V7, I frequently needed to dump something back to V5 to work on:

-Save Version=5 Browse


If you want to save 2 copies at once, you’ll have to specify the file name twice:

-Save Version=6 Browse
-Save Version=5 SaveSmall=Yes Browse

yes thanks.
a macro is a workarround.

but still does not name the file and chooses the correct folder automatically.
this could be achieved with a script i know.
I might code and post one later …

The more I think about this…maybe @brian could chime and clarify what would happen if the format changes? I understand the need for flexibility to alter the file format, but saving as V7 means we lose any V8 functionality (i.e. RH-65165) and saving as V8 means we could end up with orphaned files that can’t be opened once that WIP build expires.

  • What kind of advanced warning will there be before a format change?
  • If the current file format is deprecated, could McNeel preserve the deprecated import code as an “Import_3dmV8Alpha” plugin on the forum so users could rescue files from the old format?

I’m not sure why that warning was put in the newsletter. In my opinion, it added unnecessary panic in this thread.

The reality is that Rhino 8 file formats do change, and we ALWAYS make sure Rhino 8 can read it. Saving as Rhino 7 is an excellent way to lose data.

From my perspective, please disregard this warning in the newsletter. I think it’s 100% incorrect.

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