Wish: Text field function "coordinates"

Text fields are a great improvement to the generation of plans. What’s missing in my opinion is a text field function that evaluates a point and returns the XYZ-coordinates (all of them or just a single one, very much like an ordinate dimension).

When used within a leader, it should obviously be able to evaluate the coordinates of the tip of the leader. But it might as well be an option to select a point object (or a TextDot or a TextObject). That would allow us to easily create points with XY- or XYZ-coordinates in drawings, not just with X- OR Y- OR Z-coordinates.


Hi fabian,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve filed this as feature request RH-20518, this is not publicly visible yet but that is planned. In the meantime before development can look at this, here’s a Grasshopper definition which will accept multiple point assignments and display coordinates.

CoordinateDisplay_bjames.gh(18.3 KB)