WISH: Sort items in a list without the need to provide indices list

It really makes not sense to me why would you require a second list (of indices) in order to sort one list of values.

You don’t, the [A] input is optional. If you only want to sort numbers, just use the [K] input alone.

:rofl: I didn’t check that, I assumed I have to provide every time. So I struggled whether to use range or series

Uhm, David,

It’s kind of the other way around than what I would need.

I need to sort the values not the indices. :slight_smile:

Yeah, plug your values into K, and they’ll be sorted. A is optional. If you need some other things to be sorted synchronously along with your values, then you use the A (B, C, …) inputs.

Will I then get the reordered indices?

No. I thought you didn’t care about any indices and just wanted your values sorted. If you need the index then I’m afraid you’ll have to provide a list of unsorted ones.

Check this thread about the usecase:

I’ve logged it under RH-50870