Wish: "SelFence" type of selection that is directional

Don’t know if this is easily doable, but I’ll throw it out here just in case…

Aside from individually mouse picking objects, when objects are selected by any other method - Window, Crossing, Brush, Boundary, etc… Rhino looks at the objects that were touched by the selection object and pulls them out of the object table - in the order they are in the table, oldest first. In any case, that’s what my tests indicate.

Sometimes, a geometrically sequential selection of objects (like objects along a line or curve in a specific direction) can be quite useful. Unfortunately, except for mouse picking each object individually, there is no way to control the object order in the resulting selection list.

It would be cool to have a sort of fence selection method that works like SelFence, but preserves the object order from the start of the fence to the end instead of using the creation order in the object table. This can be hacked/scripted with some effort I guess, but a native function would be a nice thing to have.

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