Select objects command by layer

I use Matrix (a plugin for Rhino). I love how I can right click the layer and it selects all objects on that layer. Well in Rhino 7 I have to right click the layer and then chooses select objects to do the same thing. Can I run a macro or find a way to just maybe ctrl click the layer and have it select objects on that layer? It seems rhino has every command for selecting so many different things, but not all objects on just that layer without going to the layer and right clicking and then selecting “select objects”. I just want an easier solution or a one step solution instead of a two step solution. Any ideas?

HTH, Jakob

Thank you, but that’s still a 2 step process. When I use SelLayer a window pops up and I have to select which layer. I would like to just ctrl click the layer and let it automatically select all objects on that layer. Just by me clicking on that layer it should know which layer and not have to ask me.

I would like that, too!
Even if I use the alias ‘sl’ for SelectLayer, it would be great if there was some simple modifier key shortcut to select objects on a layer. ALT-click or something.