Wish Rhino to be a recommended App for STL on Mac Os

Wish Rhino would be by default a recommended application for opening STL files on Mac Os

Thanks and best regards

You should be able to change the default app for opening STL files on Mac - just like you can in Windows, no? --Mitch

Right click on the file, then Open With, Other. That will get you to:

Pick Rhino and make sure you activate the “Always Open with” box.

Thanks for the reply,
certainly with the right click → I am able to open with → other → all apps → open once an STL with Rhino.
But the next time when I try to open another STL file, Rhino is again not recommended. Even if I check the „Always Open With“ checkbox. On my Mac, either the OS or Rhino does not remember, that Rhino could be used to open STL files.

You should use the info dialog (cmd-i) for this, there is a button for “change all” (Alle ändern…) so all .stl files will open with the program you have chosen. In the screenshot this is eyed out because the program is already chosen.

The first way (open with) is only for this specific file.

many thanks!