WISH: non-manifold polysurfaces please

OK I know that for most of the time the challenge is to AVOID non-manifold edges, but what about a group of bubbles or a honeycomb or a multi-cell tube? It would be great to have the option to represent these as breps.

Perhaps there might be an option in the Join command?

There are a few ways to create them, but they will be nothing but trouble as it will break Booleans and Normal directions. This is why Rhino does what it can to avoid them.

Clearly Rhino should try to avoid making unintended non-manifolds. But
that is not the same thing as preventing a User from making intended

What are the ‘few ways to create them’?

Do note the “If you don’t want to do anything in Rhino with the result” part there.

I don’t think that Rhino should make crap, though, I’ve found that you cannot make hollow things, such as hourglasses in one piece.

Yeah the feature is there not for doing anything in Rhino with it, it exists for FEA modeling.

Hi Peter - NonmanifoldMerge will do this.