Wish: Multiple subtraction


(Aris Nikolopoulos) #1

Just a small thing: it would be nice to have subtraction with multiple inputs just like addition.

You would ask me: and what will be subtracted from what? To me it seems pretty straightforward: all inputs are subtracted from the first one.
It would cover the uncanny valley between using a single operator and having to use expression for simple operations…

(Pfotiad0) #2

Add all your stuff (B related) and then subtract

A-B-C-D-E… = A -(B+C+D+E+…)

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #3

Doing something is one thing, doing something fast is another:
Even in the example I gave, it was done with 2 components. I’m just saying it would be faster and more efficient with one component.
edit: I just noticed the 666. hahahahaha 1998 must have been your year! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

(David Rutten) #4

Too late, it’s already possible in Rhino6. Subtraction and Multiplication support multiple inputs. (It could be this is 6.1 only, I don’t exactly remember when this was added). I did not do the same for division, because that was just too weird…

a \cdot b \cdot c \cdot ... \cdot z

All fine, but


is probably not useful.

(Aris Nikolopoulos) #5

that’s it. I’m going to buy rhino 6…
(I’m currently using a license which technically does not belong to me, so I can’t upgrade. I have to buy it whole, but I don’t want to stay behind)

(David Rutten) #6

Gimme that sweet money! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.


I laughed out loud.