Wish Mesh/smoothing V8

This seems like an easy one to add (of course us users think you guys can do just about anything). We need a mesh smooth modifier best via the object properties, it would be really useful and non destuctive for mesh modeling.
I think Rhino’s mesh tools are pretty good we only lack mesh smoothing but all in all the mesh tools have come a long way they only need that smoothing function. I’m converting meshes to subd and then to quad mesh to smooth really basic meshes and to avoid the constraints of subd topology.
It would really round out Rhinos toolbox since we have subd now. Maybe even a plugin could do it, that would add mesh smoothing to the object properties. Also I’m finding that meshes are in some ways better for many things than subd where the topology can be a bear. In fact I find nurbs and meshes play nice subd seems like a limited deal for many models.

What exactly do you understand under mesh smoothing? Actually moving vertices around to average out mesh surface maxima and minima? When applied to a mesh cube with correct settings should result in something that is essentially a sphere?

Hi Roland -

There is no need to have a SubD step in this workflow. You can use QuadRemesh to get a modified mesh from the input mesh.

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Combining Smooth and SoftTransform into single command would do the job.

Hi @wim @nathanletwory @andrew.nowicki

Perhaps I’m missing settings to achieve that, but I find converting a mesh to subd works “rounder” than if I convert the mesh to mesh using only quad remesh. Quadremesh seems to keep the original mesh shape more readily than converting to subd.

Yes that’s exactly it. In 3ds max they have what are called mesh smooth and turbo smooth modifiers they act like edge smoothing in Rhino but much more robustly. At different iterations they move towards a sphere so yes at the finest iteration the cube does become a sphere.

If that works I’ll use it. I’m thinking something like the current edge smoothing in object properties but a bit more robust with more smoothing options would be a nice addition.

Thanks for your answers,