Wish: Local option for loads goal

It would be great to have a boolean input for the loads component, with which one could let the load follow the local coordinate system - similar to the pressure goal. This would enhance, but also simplify Kangaroos basic functionality.
We are teaching an introductory structural design course and are using Kangaroo for the first examples. The goal was to start with a simple rigid body and apply a number of different forces and to illustrate the resultant motion. However, a local (i.e. follwing) load component does not seem to be implemented in Kangaroo. Any ideas?


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Hi Rudi,

Yes, I agree this would be a nice addition and should be possible to add.
I’ll try and put an example script together.

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You are a legend. Probably sth that could be integrated in the point, line as well as surface load components in the long term.

Also would be interested how the point load would update its vector, since it cannot just get the face normals.

rigidbody_loads.gh (76.2 KB)


@DanielPiker this is amazing!

However, now the forces seem to apply to the center of mass of the object. What we would need, are “general” vectors that are applied on the object.
So that with eccentricity, we can generate rotations, without defining the torque.

Would that be possible?

p.s.: A small thing, but I am curious: why does the solver not converge - even when no forces are applied? This results in 100% CPU utilization and kicks on the fans (for a seemingly simple calculation, where nothing happens so to speak…)