Multiple Load to One Mesh in Kangaroo

Is it possible to apply more than one load to one mesh in Kangaroo? What I want to do is to apply one load to some points and another one to some others. And see the mesh rotating when dropping. Is it allowed in Kangaroo? Could you please share an example file of how to do it? Thank you.

Hi - can you clarify what kind of mesh you are simulating? Is this something rigid? a tensile membrane? catenary?
In general yes - you can use the Load component, found under the Goals-Pt tab to apply any load vector to any point in the simulation

The original file’s here, but it’s really messy.

Flying.3dm (1.3 MB) (118.0 KB)

So the model I have contains a solid portion and a thin layer portion (ideally I want to apply Wind to this part and see it’s a little bit blown up). The simulation I’m trying to do is when the object dropping, because of the air resistance on the large layer area, the body rotates.

But now either I apply Wind+Load or two Loads, two parts are going to be separated. (Photo’s here: Connect Mesh when use Kangaroo)

Thank you!!!