Wish list mesh modeling extrude


It would be a great addition if there was a simple extrude function for mesh faces. I tried using the subdiv tools and it is very difficult to select the control mesh cages and to edit the topology of the subdiv model. It tends to select the subdiv faces rather than the control cage mesh faces. I know I can use the control key to extrude a face but it isn’t the smoothest of workflows. For the extrude function you should be able to extrude as all faces or locally. What I mean is if multiple faces are selected you should be able to select if all faces extrude as one or if each face extrudes individually. An inset face function would also be nice. Vertex chamfering would be great as well for both solids and meshes. Also when drawing a base topology using the mesh face command it would be great if there was an autoweld function so each additional face is already connected to the previously drawn face. Basically the mesh tools in rhino are great for fixing an stl file but it would be great if some basic mesh modeling tools were expanded upon.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

Indeed, I think with a set of proper polygon modelling tools we’d have opportunity to do some great subd modelling.