WISH: include SubD in Dynamic Geometry Pipeline component

Could there be a new release of Human and include SubD object in Dynamic Geometry Pipeline? I did come across situations that I need to reference multiple SubD objects.
You might say that I can reference mesh objects with Dynamic Geometry Pipeline and turn them into SubDs, but still mesh is not capable as SubD in these known aspects:

  1. creasing features are hard to adjust in GH;
  2. Mesh class does not support Ngon as good as SubD, for example, using stitch command to edit mesh can destroy all Ngons within, while with SubD, polygon faces do not change.

Dynamic Pipeline is native in Params, you should therefore change the category from Human to Grasshopper
Yep, SUBD is missing.

or as Macro
_ExtractControlPolygon _Pause
in conjunction
returns same SubD object

He’s talking about Dynamic Pipeline from Human. Your screenshot is the native Geometry Pipeline. This is the appropriate category.

As for the original question, it’s a good idea but I am unlikely to make any changes to Human any time soon. I am more or less retired from GH plug-in development.

Normally yes, but you have repeated it a thousand times, You will no longer maintain Your Human plugin.
Thus, a WISH in this category is obsolete and that is why I prefer to change category.


:crying_cat_face: Sad to know that, but still can’t thank you enough for the Human plug-in, which really defined the proper workflow for Rhino in the building industry.

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