Wish in the "Polyline"

You could add the command “polyline” the mode “curve”?
Currently there is only the mode line and arc.

How would that Polyline with your suggested mode “curve” differ from Curve or InterpCrv?

a simple curve for control points

What is different than creating a curve using Curve?

Currently it can draw a polyline in two ways: straight lines and arc. It would be more complete if the polyline could have traits with the free curved lines, in my opinion.

Example: imagine to draw a polyline. We have a first part made of straight lines, a second part of arcs and finally, the last section made by a free curve.

The section in red could be a “curve for control points” mode, within the Polyline command

One reason, possibly, not to do this, is that the result would not be able to be defined as a polyline in dwg, whereas a polyline with arcs, I believe, is still considered a polyline. A polycurve command that could accomodate all sorts of curves strung together seems more plausible.


Would the free form curve be degree 3 or would the degree be an option?

What level of continuity would be expected between the line and arc segments and the freeform cuve? Would the user need to specify it? With straight lines and arcs only a tangency continuity (G1) is possible.

A free form curve can be started tangent to the end of any line, arc or curve if SmartTrack is on. Click on the end of the line arc or curve for the first control point, then move the cursor error in the approximate direction tangent to the line, arc or curve. A “SmartTrack” helper line tangent to the end of the line, arc or curve will appear. Click on the helper line for the second control point and the free form curve will be tangent to the line, arc or curve. After creating the free form curve use Join to create a polycurve if desired.

Mine was just an idea (not only mine, actually). If you feel that it makes little sense to do such a thing, then nothing! Simple, right?