Wish for Guides Feature improvement

Hi All,
I discovered the GUIDES tool in Barcelona, and I like to have it, well done!

My request it’s if would be possible to manage the guides, like now, but also like in DTP softwares.
What I would like to see it’s in the Options a list of the guides with the position and the orientation to be able to set it up at once instead of doing it one by one.

Would be good, also, to be able to set up angled guides

Best to have guides for layout.


Hi Riccardo -

I’m not sure what you mean here -you can set guides to any angle - AddGuide only asks for two points - they can be anywhere.

You can AddGuide in a layout - do you mean per layout, different guides on each page?



Hi @pascal,
first: I didn’t noticed would be possible to set-up the Guides within an angle. This’s good!

Second, YES, I think this new tools would be specially useful into the Layout. Yes be able to set it differently on each layout but also be able to copy from a layout to another (copy, copy/paste)

But the main issue, at the moment, for me it’s be able to remember which guides I added. So I’m asking for a list of all the guides sets.

Hi Riccardo - for now, RemoveGuide will show you all current guides.


If RemoveGuide (shows you existing guides) is not sufficient, what UI do you envision? Would you like some kind of EditGuides tool?



If there are no guides in the model, RemoveGuide simply quits. It would be good having feedback saying so.

Hi Pascal,

Edit Guide Option seem like a good idea, a bit like BlockEdit command, it would lock everything in the drawings letting you edit guides instead of having to remove them and remake them.
Giving the user the option to name them would help for setting up grids for architecture projects.

If a guide is only a line defined be 2 points would it be possible to have an option convert to guide with the option of delete original line. so you could bring in a grid file select the lines and convert them to guides without having to redraw them again. Arc Guides would be an amazing addition too.

Another useful option would be a toggle option to be able to show guides even when a command is not running. In the same way you can toggle Grid and Grid Snap on and off with a Function Key/s. Would be also good to be disable guide snapping when they have been set to always visible.

Also its does not seem like its possible to make a guide perpendicular to another guide using the ‘Hidden’ Ctrl + Click Snap option.

Thanks Matt

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Yep, got that, thanks.

Still, how is this done? I can imagine some different UIs, but I don’t know what is practical or needed in real life - for example, if a guide stored its input points, selecting it in this edit mode could give you handles at these points and let you place them anywhere or use any of the standard transforms like Rotate etc… Or, more simply, you could select a guide and be prompted for two points, and the guide would be replaced by one from the points picked.

Converting lines to guides can probably be scripted, but there is nothing yet in place, that I know of, that would allow naming. grouping, etc etc.

Here’s a script for converting lines to guides - the python version, .py, use with RunPythonScript and the RhinoScript version can be dragged and dropped to add an alias that runs the script like a command: ConvertToGuides.

ConvertToGuides.zip (1.6 KB)



This seems like the best solution. Access to the handles would be good. It would also be good just to be able to use the standard transforms on the guides themselves when in edit mode so you don’t have to go searching for the other handle to use the transforms. As when the guides are in use you can snap to them as if they are a line

P.s Thanks for the Convert to Guides Script will give it a go now.