Wish for a >Close< button in Human UI

I’m working on some .gh that will be used across the enterprise by some who have no knowledge of Grasshopper. I am implementing Human UI interfaces that sit under Rhino toolbar buttons. When the button is clicked, the .gh launches minimized and the Human UI is visible for manipulating the .gh.

I would like to include a >Close< (or Done) button in the UI for completing the task. This button would close both the .gh and the UI. It could include a boolean to save the changes to the .gh or not. Default should be not.

Anyone else? OR… is there a way to do this now with one click that i am not aware of?

TIA ~ Robb

look here

Thanks, I was already on that thread and thanks to your input I got what i needed to start this project. Now i just need a simple button to close both the UI and Grasshopper w/ Save=No. The C# there just closes the .gh but not Grasshopper. When I quit Rhino I am prompted to save the closed .gh which I don’t want users to be able to do. Perhaps someone with C# skills (I have none) could cobble that extension of the code currently in that component.