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Hi all

I have a questions regarding Human UI (Great plugin btw!). I remember the Human UI interface window remaining when minimizing the Grasshopper window, so the user can use the interface without looking at the script - smart. But now it seems that it minimizes together with Grasshopper. Is there a way to control this, so it is always related to the Rhino window?

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The “Launch window” component has some right click options - “Always On Top” is just like it sounds (even over other apps!) - “Child of Grasshopper” will minimize when the grasshopper window does, and “Child of Rhino” will stay up when GH is minimized :slight_smile:

Aha! Precisely what I was looking for. Apparently I did not look hard enough. Thank you Andrew.

Hi Andrew,
Do you know a way to minimize grasshopper window automatically after opening a file?
I’d prefer to avoid scaring users with my spaghetti :spaghetti:

try this in a c# component:
Grasshopper.Instances.DocumentEditor.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;

Perfetto! Thank you very much!

I tried to paste the C line in a c# component but it did not work… any special I must do on the C# box to work ?

In newer versions of Rhino you need to add a using statement as well - using System.Windows.Forms;
It should look like this:

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It works great !!