Wish: File Size?!

something which already has been talked abut i can not remember where and when

on Mac OS we have that weird file size that even an empty file contains 2.7 mb. why? i know it adds a screen shot but 2.7 mb? if i export small, geometry i get 8 kb which sounds right. a screenshot does not add 2.7 mb either and in worst case i could live without it.

a file with one object inside with some fillets and whatnot can be stored at 37 kb. can that please be standard? i have tons of gb stored on files which could be reduced to a mere view mb, that is not acceptable…

also that seems to be the standard on pc if i notice that correct, and can remember well from my time before i started using Rhino for Mac.

so why do we have to waist so much disk/storage space?

Object Exported.3dm (35.6 KB)
Object Regular.3dm (2.6 MB)
Empty Exported.3dm (5.5 KB)
Empty Regular.3dm (2.6 MB)

This is why I compress my small samples that I upload here. :slight_smile:

It might, a 1024 x 1024 image uncompressed would be about 4mb. Depending on the compression algorithm used, it could be much smaller though. I seem to remember discussing this a while back also relative to Windows Rhino, the default file size was also about that big at some point.

Windows Rhino saves files compressed by default, turning that off also increases base file size. Don’t know if this same compression exists on Mac.

This is creating the file size in “empty regular”:
Properties Section: 2707843 bytes (offset 420 to 2708263)

in “empty exported”:
Properties Section: 3146 bytes (offset 420 to 3566)

Don’t know what’s in the “Properties” section, but I suspect it might be the thumbnail.

Here ya go…

i checked the option UseCompressionWhenSaving under the advanced settings and was happy to find it, only to find out that it actually already was activated. i tested on a 100 mb file, with zip i can still compress it down to half. i can remember from quite a few years ago that @stevebaer mentioned gzip, is that not so effective? or does that only come to play when i use save small?

anyway the thumbnail compression does not even then seem to work while the compression is activated. or am i misunderstanding that or does it work different on mac? also for quite a while thumbnails dont show right away when i do a quickview with spacbar on a rhino file, it takes about 10 seconds to generate the preview, though i see the small on the desktop, loading 10 seconds for a quick view makes this option entirely obsolete, opening the file takes nearly the same amount of time. tbh, i dont have much use for the thumbnail, when i work on a file and save it it makes some random preview of where i left it which mostly does not say anything on what i am working on only messing up the desktop.

they often look like this (lol…)

data space is not getting cheaper rather the opposite and bloating it is making it more expensive. so please give us our space back…