Wish cplane component or edition to plane components and Mesh outline component

It would be great if we could get an option on the plane component/s to bake the plane as a Cplane, and the option to add a name to it. Currently any of the plane components would work with this option. One could create xz Plane component supply the origins and derive a bunch of named or numbered Cplanes.

Or create a dedicated Cplane component that works like the plane component with the option to name the cplane/s either numerically as a default or plug in a list of text names.

It would be nice to get the “mesh outline” command as a component seems to be missing form the mesh toolbox. And allow plane input for it’s location in space after it is made.


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Hi All, @maje90
Ok I found this component that @Baris wrote. I was able to alter it to suit my needs but can’t @DavidRutten this be made into a component for GH seems doable since this person did it.
It just needs a few tweaks and extras to make it into a really workable component.
This is the thread I uncovered. Thanks to Baris for this nice component it’s a step in the right direction.
The attached pic is how I am using this.

Bake Planes to Named Cplane - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

If your c# is doing the thing, what you still need? Be specific in all you want it to do, I can help you put up a simple script that is “workable”…
You can make the named cplane also active, and/or move the camera towards that plane in parallel/perspective… few lines of code required, likely…

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Hi @maje90,
Thanks for your kind and generous offer I really appreciate that. I’m not going to learn c# I’ll try for phython but that’s it.

I’m requesting the cplane stuff as a native component in GH that’s why the title of the thread has wish in it. Also for the meshoutline command. I thought it would be a good component to have in the plane vector toolbox or as an option on the plane commands.

I was able to script meshoutline with a python script and use that c# script that baris wrote. My point to DR is that hey these guys are doing it and I am, why is GH not moving forward to get more native Rhino components/tools in it. I use ladybug and wow look at all the tools they are writing. It’s appears regular GH is on hold for any new tools outside of D.Parker’s marvelous work.

I don’t understand why more rhino commands are not exposed to the average user without using c# or python scripting and made into components in Gh? Surely if a neophyte like me can hack this together why can’t tech just create these simple components?

Why doesn’t gh have better access to all of the rhino commands in an easier non coded way. There should be a component that does a “rhino.command”.

Also instead of having to script we should be able to record anything we do in the viewport and make that into a script or component but that’s light years ahead, macro recorders have been around for years it would be cool to integrate that into Gh.

You answered your own question.
Rhino methods, rhinocommon, is pretty exposed and easily accessible by anyone.

You need mesh outline? That’s one line:

  private void RunScript(Mesh M, Plane P, ref object C)
    C = M.GetOutlines(P);

2021-10-08 00_36_25-Window
My opinion is, that in the optic of a programmable context, some functions return less practical outputs.
For example, mesh outline returns a list of polylines, which can be nested inside eachother (in the case of holed mesh)… how to sort them? That’s a bit of a dead end for simple programming.

Most of rhino commands require the user to “click” in space to specify where/how the function have to behave. Trim function for example… on gh? you need to find the intersection, the parameter, shatter the curve and save/pick only the wanted segments. I can’t imagine how this would be any different for a programmed and automatized context. Indeed no clicks, please.

Grasshopper 2 is under development and you already cited @ its main developer.
Every new cool addition is surely evaluated and implemented, but the main effort is on the complete rework of grasshopper.
I would understand if developers leave out small additions that even a “neophyte” can add autonomously… you not?

That’s what I guess.
I’m not a developer or anything.

Yes but I don’t need to sort them and I think it’s needed addition to the mesh commands. Should be easy enough for the developers to do. I don’t see why I should have to learn to code to get these simple commands in GH really seems like a cop out by the developers.

I think you overestimate how hard it is to just get to the point where one can even script or know when to use a script and not give up. I see many people on this list even advanced scripters who stay away from GH because it is yet another paradigm to master. McNeel should do more to ease the transition and provide more components. There’s not even a help file for GH they send one to this list what a joke. How’s a beginner to learn I think you sorely overestimate how simple all this is when one doesn’t know.