How to get the output access type of a cluster file

Hi all,

how to get the Param.Output.Access of a cluster in a file.
It gives me for all different type (item,list,tree) item instead of tree or list.

  string Path = "None";
  DA.GetData(0, ref Path);

  GH_Cluster Cluster = new GH_Cluster();
  GH_Document doc = new GH_Document();
  doc.Enabled = true;
  doc.AddObject(Cluster, true, 0);
  IGH_Structure data = Cluster.Params.Output[1].VolatileData;

  // try to get the GH_ParamAccess type
  List<GH_ParamAccess> l = new List<GH_ParamAccess>();
  for (int i=0; i<Cluster.Params.Output.Count;i++)

  DA.SetDataTree(0, data);
  DA.SetDataList(1, l);