Wish: CageEdit additional option

Hi McNeel team.

Is it possible to add a command-line SetAll option to CageEdit’s BoundingBox parameters?
I want to have possibility to input the number of control points just once for all 3 axis.
And it’s impossible to do via macros as in macros I can’t save user input as variable.
I understand it’s easily doable via scripts but I want to keep such variable command in my Aliases and not carry it as an additional file.
Currently it’s possible to create a bunch of predefined aliases, which is not elegant.

Hi @Screamer

Maybe I’m missing something, but this macro works both with and without preselecting:

! _CageEdit _Pause
_BoundingBox _World

Hi Gijs.

Yes, it works. But it works with point count 7 only.
In case we have SetAll parameter we’ll be able to create something like this:

! _CageEdit _Pause
_BoundingBox _World
_SetAll _Pause

And this will work for any user input. It will be universal.
No need to create a bunch of macros with only change in digit.

P.S. I have no idea why it’s green. :sweat_smile:

You could put this python script in a button:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
def ce():
    pc = rs.GetInteger("cage edit point count", 4, 4)
    if not pc:
    command = "! _CageEdit _Pause _BoundingBox _World _XPointCount=%d _YPointCount=%d _ZPointCount=%d EnterEnd" %(pc,pc,pc)

Thanks for your effort, Gijs.

But as I understand I can’t put any script as Aliases?

That’s correct, this is not possible in an alias, the script can be saved and then referenced in an alias though (see also this page for info about working with scripts)
But I assume you know this.

I see now that there is no way to automate the settings in an elegant way and added:
RH-72827 CageEdit set all values to a single entered value

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I just found this is already implemented in V8. Cool. Still waiting for V7.

Some more wishes for CageEdit (Rhino V8 and V7 if possible):

  1. Add an option of Coordinate System selection oriented to Gumball

That will be looking like this:
Coordinate system <CPlane> ( CPlane World 3Point Gumball)

  1. Add doubleclick option to edit control point number of the Cage.

It would be handy coz now I create a cage, see the edit points are not in good location to me, delete the cage, create again with different number…
It’s not as critical as improve the user friendliness.

My understanding is only problems which cause crashes or fundamental errors are being fixed in V7. I would not expect any changes to CageEdit in V7 in the future.