Patch and CageEdit Macro


I normally use Patch and CageEdit commands and are usually the same each time. Can anyone educate me on how to create a Macro that would allow me to skip all the steps when used normally?

For example, for CageEdit, I always choose World, then the numeric parameters are always X8 Y16 Z4 etc etc.

For Patch, I normally use Sample = 1, U30, V 30 etc…

!_CageEdit _Pause _BoundingBox _World _X=8 _Y=16 _Z=4 _Enter _Global

!-_Patch _Pause _PointSpacing=1 _USpans=30 _VSpans=30 _Enter

Thank you Mahdiyar

The Cageedit macro worked nicely

The Patch macro didn’t work. Basically it says everything after !-_Patch is an unknown command.

I also don’t understand what “indent preformatted text by 4 spaces” and how it should be considered.

Is there a resource that I can refer to that may teach one to write macros? I am not sure how I would have know to type the macro out in the manner that you did.

Sorry I forgot to Add _Pause, I’ve just edited my post.

Have you checked the last link on my post?

Oh I didn’t catch that. I thought it was part of your signature. I will take a look. Thank you very much!


Thank you!