WISH : better bifocals


I wish that Bifocals would display the custom component name when the default has been purposefully changed :

That way, bifocals would really combine best of both worlds.

The idea of bifocal is so that we don’t have to debate over icon or text display, both types of users can understand the screenshot.
Now what you are proposing defeats this purpose.

Imagine in your screenshot, instead of List Item it said My specific useful name.
For users who use icon display, they’ll understand your screenshot, but users who use text display won’t know what it is.

On a side note, implementing what you’re proposing as an option is not difficult, when I find time i can implement it into MultilingualGH
OR maybe you can request @Dani_Abalde to have this function added to Sunglasses

You are right, but if this is an optional behavior, then you effectively catter for :
-Those beginners who want to have both icon and component name (option “Off”).
-The more advanced fellows who want to have the icon AND the custom name (option “On”)

see ?

I realize that this option is already in Sunglasses.
I also found out that Sunglasses acts as an automatic “Param viewer” when you zoom on components.

The only thing I would add in “Sunglasses” is an option to display ONLY nicknames.