WISH: best "sweep" tool

If possible, rewrite the sweep tool, one tool that works with multi rail, and with closed and open curves. More flexible, more powerful! Many users are calling for it.

(Tools like this should be state of the art in Rhino, just so this modeler will compete with other CAD).

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you can chain edges in both sweep 1 and 2…

they both work with open or closed curves…

who are these “many users”, and where are links to their requests? We are always interested in where we can improve, but you are asking for stuff that is already in the tool…

what am I missing?

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Some time ago I watched some videos of Cad like Catia or NX; their instruments I sweept seem to me more performing, complete … but that’s my opinion. It was just to say …

Hi @davide76 - If you have a more specific description, it’ll be easier for us to write up a wish item. We really need to understand how it would work, how it would be useful to you. Is there a modeling example that shows where you’re getting stuck and how a tool like this would make your life better/easier?

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I can just add that grasshopper sweep is not as good as sweep in rhino itself. there is no option for “roadlike” in gh.

In many years I have raised the request (I don’t know if it is logical or if it could be useful in modeling) of the introduction of a “multi sweep” (with more than two section curves). I don’t remember the exact examples posted in this forum, it’s been a long time.
If it could help, it would be useful to be able to expand the already excellent capabilities of the sweep

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Isn’t this also a two rail sweep? With the square and triangle being the rails.




Here’s another approach with NURBS…

More commands involved but the process in itself is simple.


It is clear that there are other ways to achieve the result.
This was just a trivial example (not impossible to do with Rhino).