Inserting the same file twice as block - layer as ref ignored

There are times we want to insert the same file twice as a block.
Suppose the file represents a door with the first block definition having the door itself hidden while the second definition having the frame hidden, so we can have multiple doors that are hinged slightly opened in the building at various degrees.

The problem is after inserting the second definition:
a) The name cannot be edited (or the edit doesn’t stick)
b) The layer-by-reference option is not being obeyed.

Hi Thomas - I see this, thanks.
@ThomasAn - from what I gather from the developers, we do not really support this currently - the fact that you can get partway there is probably a bug in itself. It may be possible in the future, but I guess at the moment it is not something you can rely on.


Interesting … thanks for checking on it.

Now, do you have a recommendation or workaround ? Say we have a building and we import 50 doors as a block definition but we want the doors to hinge open relative to the frame. We also have about 100 windows some sliding and some hinged. Some doors are double doors.

Do you think it’s elegant to keep the door frame in separate file to the door itself ? We also have two pane windows, three pane windows with a top air vent, sliding doors, double doors etc etc … we also have cars but we want the front wheels to turn when we import them into a parking lot full of cars, etc

How do others solve this problem ?