WISH #3 - Align (to point)

Not sure if this has been wished for. But I would LOVE to see a POINT option in the ALIGN command.

Sometimes I prefer Align over using the TAB restraint. For example if I have an american flag and I want to align the end of one of the stars to something - that end would be the point I would add a point to the star end. Basically I can group the flag > align > to point and it would just bring it to that point. Align is one of my favorite commands. The only thing it is missing is an alignment to somewhere within the object or group. This would keep me in an ortho view without having to tab and verify in perspective.

Hello - can you please post a simple example of the start and end positions?



but it doesn’t move it. it’s not changing planes. it’s just aligning to it… it’s almost like a concentric option around the point

Hello - please post a file with the starting and ending positions.


Ahh, I finally get what he wishes. He wants a combination alignment. Say Top+Left and it goes to top-left corner point.

This was a tough one.

I support this suggestion, makes sense.

Imagine rectangle that you’ve scaled taken one of its corners as an origin point and keeping the original.

See this:
you have two parallel alignments for text. And you make all 9 possibilities.

but here you pick only a single one and so you cover only 5 possibilities:

Hmm, now I’m confused. You want to align one object’s mid point to another object’s corner point. Then you need the _Move command @zale_orcid

Above is more along the lines of what I am looking for… I wish for it to stay on the same plane, so move does not always work. And I do not want to constrain to Tab because sometimes I need to get out of an ortho view to go into perspective to get the constraint to work and verify it is where I want it to go… but i would prefer to stay ortho – this is why I want align… for some reason the tab constraint does not always work and I end up using a few different commands to get it where I need it – or it’s just not as fast and efficient as I imaging align-to point would be…

For that you could activate Project osnap and use _move command, it’ll maintain the original depth of the object and it will move just in the other two coordinates.

Hello - if you use Project on the OSnaps, everything should stay in plane regardless of the snap point elevation.

What @jespizua said…


WILL DO :star_struck:

i just don’t like to get caught up turning project on and off but looks like this is my solution. Thank you.